KICKING OFF THE BREAKS!—1999 Topps Super Chrome!

Hey guys, I received the boxes today that I mentioned in my first post:

1999 Topps Super Chrome

1999 Upper Deck Series 1

1998 Bowman’s Best

I wanted to kick off this blog with a bang and bust all three of these boxes and post the results today so I am starting off with 1999 Topps Super Chrome:


What’s inside: 12 packs with 3 jumbo Topps Chrome cards

What you can pull: Pretty much you get the full set of 36 cards plus 1 refractor card which have odds of 1:12 packs.

What I pulled: My refractor card was Mark McGwire which I thought was pretty cool! I was actually shorted card number #17 in the set and I think its because I got 2 McGwires, one being the refractor. The checklist can be found here:

Here is a pic of the Mcgwire refractor:


My thoughts: This was a good start to the blog, fun little break and cool to see the oversized chrome cards and I enjoyed hitting Mark McGwire as my refractor.

Rating: 6/10

On to busting 1999 Upper Deck Series 1!!




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